Mag's Cyframe, Aeracomet.

Aeracomet is Mag Launcher's Cyframe. It takes the form of a giant hand that's mounted on Mag's right shoulder. It can function just as a real, human hand would, but is capable of great strength and power. With each of it's upgrade parts, Aeracomet can become an incredibly versatile Cyframe in combat situations and while exploring the many dangerous ruins Mag journies to as an adventurer.

List of Aeracomet Cyframe PartsEdit

  • Hand Parts: Aeracomet's default capabilities. Hand Parts allow Mag to throw powerful punches that can launch enemies up in the air and slam groups of opponents under it's weight.
  • Hammer Parts: Bestows Mag's Cyframe with a giant hammer that can crush enemies and push them back with it's massive force.
  • Lightning Hand Parts: Envelops Aeracomet in bolts of lightning, creating electric punches and lightning shields.
  • Flame Hand Parts: Surrounds Aeracomet in a haze of flames, creating fire punches and flame shields.
  • Ice Hand Parts: Encircles Aeracomet in shards of ice, create freezing punches and ice shields.
  • Rock Parts: Mag uses his Cyframe to lift large boulders and tosses them at enemies.
  • Spray Parts: Gives Aeracomet an aerasol can that can spray noxious fumes at enemies which can poison, blind, cause sleep, reduce FP or kill bugs.
  • Steal Parts: Mag uses Aeracomet to rob enemies of items, health and FP.
  • Moving Parts: Mag changes the position of enemies and party members on the battlefield with Aeracomet.
  • Recovery Hand Parts: Aeracomet is given healing properties that can restore a party member's health and FP.

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