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Welcome to the Evolution Worlds Wiki[]

Welcome to the Evolution Worlds Wiki! This wiki focuses on the JRPG series, Evolution.

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Evolution Series[]

The Evolution series began with Evolution: The World of Sacred Device, on the Sega Dreamcast console. It was one of the first RPGs for the system.

The games focus on the adventures of Mag Launcher, the son and acting head of a family of adventurers dating back generations. Mag's family is heavily in debt to The Society, an Adventurers organization and the authority controlling all access to ancient ruins scattered around the continent. The ruins contain artifacts and relics from a mysterious, bygone, highly advanced civilization that left few clues as to their origins. Mag explores the ruins to find a means of paying off the family debt while at the same time searching for his lost father and going on great adventures of his own.

The series is known for its lighthearted stories, lovable, memorable characters and its own unique sense of humour and comedic elements. Like other JRPGs from the 1990's, the games have a high difficulty level and heavy amounts of grinding are required to complete them. The dungeons are randomly generated in the first game, similar to other RPGs such as the Dragon Warrior Monsters series and Lufia 3. However the second game uses pre-made dungeons. Even within the smaller RPG community for Sega consoles, the series has been largely overlooked and unappreciated outside of its fanbase. Sadly there have been no new games since Evolution 2: Far Off Promise, which was released in 1999. However, hopefully the series will return one day.

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