Pepper Box
Pepper Box
A wandering adventurer.



Eye Color:


Hair Color:



N/A, traveler




Adventurer, Bouncer

Voice Artists:

Kikuko Inoue (both games)
Rie Kanda (Evolution Worlds)
Jennifer Séguin (Evolution Worlds)

"...I'm positively addicted to the wandering life!"

-Pepper Box

Pepper Box is an adventurer who comes to Pannam Town and settles down there for the duration of the events of Evolution: The World of Sacred Device. She is one of the characters that can join Mag's party. Pepper uses a cannon-type Cyframe which she carries at her waist. She can be found at the Bar in Pannam Town where she stays and sometimes helps out.


Pepper likes to have a good time but also has a no-nonsense attitude when she gets serious, which is usually when she wears her visor down. She first encountered Mag at the Society while she was delivering a very rare jade coin she found in the ruins, to the shock of the staff. She is a skilled adventurer and has travelled to many places. Pannam Town just happened to be her next stop when she met Mag. Pepper's scanty form of dress attracts the men in Pannam Town which brings customers and increased business to the pub. She decides to join Mag on his adventures after running up a large tab with Grant at the Bar. The staff appreciate her because she keeps the rowdy drunks under control. Despite seeming somewhat unladylike with her passion for adventuring and alcohol, Pepper does have a feminine side and wears makeup, even teaching Lora how to apply it.

When she's finished her career as an adventurer, Pepper has said that she'll write romance novels based on her adventures.

Cyframe and Combat SkillsEdit

Pepper cyfrm

Pepper's Cyframe, Moranna Solnier.

In Evolution, Pepper is one of the strongest characters in the game. One of her special skills, Pepper Attack, can do over 7,000 damage, though it will drain her entire FP bar. Pepper attacks using her Cyframe and her special skills have various effects including inflicting negative status effects and attacking multiple enemies on the grid.

Other Artwork and PicturesEdit