I know this isn't the most active wiki, but this is like the only place people understand what I'm talking about when I go on and on about Mag and Linear. Or as I call them, Minear.

They are my 4th OTP of all time (Buddy/Jovie, Jiberty, and Camaya are my first three, if anyone cares).

I've given many in depth rants about why I love them so dearly (which I may share later). But I was wondering...does anyone else ship them too?

I also ship Chag (Chain/Mag), but Minear has so much more of an emotional connection and a deep understanding of each other. Not to mention, they'd both do ANYTHING for the other. Chag is great, and I love the romantic tension, but nothing compares to Minear, in my personal opinion <3

GIF time (I made all of these)


Minear gif

Minear sad

Minear talking